Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not So Romantic Valentine's Day 2012

We celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday as one big SICK family! We are all sick with bad colds. Luckily, Joe and I celebrated Valentine's Day this past weekend with a "date day" away to Bismarck. We went to a movie and out to eat at the Bistro where we both enjoyed a great steak dinner. We celebrated early as we had a free babysitter this past Saturday otherwise known as Grandma!
The kids woke up to find presents on Valentine's Day but were not as excited as usual since they have been sick the past few days.
I found Joe and the kids on the couch when I woke up... they were not sleeping well so they ended up on the couch and Dad turned on movies for them. You can see that Tommy has a pacifier.... we had mailed all of his pacifiers away to his cousin Peter a month ago but we "found" one last night for Tommy to use while he is sick.
Joe took Tommy down to a lung specialist yesterday afternoon. Whenever Tommy gets sick he gets a croup cough so the doctor in Garrison wanted him to get checked out and see what is going on... he cannot get tested for asthma until he is 5. However, we did find out that his oxygen level was low so he will have to take nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day every time he is sick. He did such a good job taking his treatment last night!

Joe brought home a dozen roses for me from Bismarck, chinese take out for dinner, and a foot bath that the kids thoroughly enjoyed. I gave him some new snow pants, work pants and a canvas picture of the two of us. We also had cards that we had planned on exchanging after the kids went to bed but it was late by the time they were sleeping so we will open up our cards today. I am excited to open the card when Joe gets home from work as Joe says there is another surprise present in the card!

It may not have been a romantic Valentine's Day but we spent it together as a family and hopefully, we will start feeling better soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Memories from 2011

I was downloading old pictures from a memory card I found this past Sunday and they were pics from last Valentine's Day. I couldn't believe how much the kids have changed in one year. I also could not believe that 1 year ago we still lived in AZ.

When I was downloading the pictures I was also reading a beautiful e-mail that Colleen (Joe's Mom) had sent to all her kids and their spouses. She had forwarded a beautiful e-mail that she had found in her e-mail that was sent from Randy in 2009. He wrote to her about how much he loved her and wrote so beautifully to Colleen. Colleen, reminded us in the email not to take for granted the love of your spouse. She also reminded us in the e-mail that the best gift you can give your children is to love to your spouse. It really hit home and I was crying by the end of the e-mail. Joe and I have been married for almost 4 years and I have at times taken Joe for granted. The move to ND has been hard but one thing is for sure our marriage is stronger and I am taking Joe for granted less and less. He is such an amazing husband and I am MORE IN LOVE with him now that I ever have been before... I contribute a lot of this to Randy in heaven as I know he has been praying for us to our God and it has strengthened my relationship with Joe.

It is so hard to believe Randy was here with us last year on Valentine's Day and that he is not here with us today but Joe and I both know he is up in heaven and we also have faith that he is praying for us and watching over us everyday. I can tell as my marriage is stronger because of the love Randy had and has for Colleen and his kids.

Tommy's Ice Fishing Adventure

My cousin Brian and Uncle Kevin fly and own small planes so a couple of weeks ago they invited Joe and Tommy to go ice fishing and they decided to fly and land on the ice. Tommy was so excited! He got to hang out with the big boys and he loved every minute of it! Lily jumped into the picture before they flew off.
Uncle Steven (my brother) joined the boys on the fishing adventure!

They drilled over 40 holes and were not able to catch anything but Tommy had fun anyways! He had so much fun that he fell asleep on the plane ride home!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hi Waffle

It has been awhile since I have blogged and I meant to post things a million times but my life living on the lake with a 2 year old and 1 year old has been fun, busy and crazy!! I will post more soon but I have to share this story.
Tommy ate a waffle for breakfast and we had soup for lunch. Right after lunch he told me, "Mommy, I am so full and my soup went into my tummy and said hi waffle,".... it was the cutest thing I had heard all week! He says cute things all the time!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Lily!

Happy 1st Birthday Lily!! You turned 1 on May 21, 2011. You are the light of our lives (along with your brother Tommy) as you wake up with a smile on your face. You are so beautiful and the have the biggest eyes that I love! You are a sweetheart who loves to give hugs and kisses. You also are a "little mother" as you love your little dolls and hold onto them so tight as you hug them and carry them around the house. You can be very independent and social but you also love to cuddle and be carried around the house. You have been walking since 9 months and you love to follow Tommy and play with him! You like to be comforted in the night still so you get up 1-2 times a night even though you should be sleeping through the night. I actually don't mind getting up with you and sometimes I even bring you back to bed with me as you like to cuddle! I am so thankful to have you and I am blessed to be your Mom! Love you Lily!! Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

North Dakota so far

Joe sent out an e-mail to his family updating them on our trip to ND so I thought I would share it on the blog...

Written by my hubby!

So I got done texturing the basement tonight about 9. It is light here till about 10. The lake was glass and the temp was perfect. I went back to the big garage out back and got Tommy's new fishing rod that we just got him and mine and threw some worms on. Tommy was watching his nightly little bear cartoon before bed and Lora was laying on the couch next to him. I opened the door and whispered "Tommy come here." I said, "you want to go fishing?" He whispered, "Yes." I grabbed his sweatshirt and carried him, the rods and tackle box down with a Miller lite in my pocket. Tommy whispered to me down the hill are we going to catch a fish? I said, "yep, a big fish." We sat on the end of the dock as the sun set with our rods in the water and listened to the owl and ducks. About five minutes later, we got a big pull. I said, "Tommy, we got one!" I took his rod and reeled it in and it was huge. We fought with it for a minute or two trying to drag it to shore. Tommy was running and yelling in joy and just as we almost got it up and out, the line broke. It was a huge, heavy, 24" walleye. About 10 minutes later we pulled in another one and put in the keg bucket we had and it was huge. Tommy just loves it out here. We have been farming with the neighbors as they are planting wheat and Tommy usually falls asleep in the first 10 minutes and then we ride as he naps for an hour or so. Lily and Tommy just are having blast. As I work down stairs in the basement. Tommy and Lily yell down to me, "Dad are you ok? Are you working hard?" I say yep working hard and run up the stairs where they are both at the gate waiting for a kiss from me and Lora usually has lunch and dinner ready. Supper by the lake is amazing and peaceful. I wish I could tell Dad the fishing story but I know he is watching us. It has been a blast so far. Miss my Mom and family and can't wait for visitors. I start my new job on Monday as my new F-150 Truck arrives in Bismarck. I will be training the first month or two. I am excited to start. In the meantime we found an awesome church, St. Leo's in Minot and have seen a few friends and love the friendly people in all the small towns. The kids, eat, sleep, and play so well and love the fresh ND air.

Friday, May 6, 2011


It is such a pain.... Moving a whole house in two weeks is really hard. Tommy keeps asking where all his toys are going and he has cried a couple of times. I keep telling him that his toys are being shipped to ND and Grandma will pick up all his toys at the lake and take care of them until we arrive on the airplane... he feels a little better once I say that! We are sleeping on the floor as the beds are packed and we will be moving in to Nana's house for the week while Joe drives some of our stuff to ND. The rest of it is being shipped. I will fly up with the kids and Joe's brother Pat next week after Joe has had a few days in ND to get things settled. Pat and Joe will work on finishing the basement once we arrive!

Last night we had some professional family pictures taken as I want my kids to remember that they were born in the desert of AZ! So, we took the pics outside by all the cactus's and cool surroundings. It was beautiful and I can't wait to see the pics but poor Tommy started touching a cactus and poked his finger. Tommy is walking around this morning complaining about a hurt "ginger".... we are looking forward to getting settled at the lake.... it is starting to get hot in AZ so it is perfect timing! Hopefully, the snow has stopped falling in ND!