Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not So Romantic Valentine's Day 2012

We celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday as one big SICK family! We are all sick with bad colds. Luckily, Joe and I celebrated Valentine's Day this past weekend with a "date day" away to Bismarck. We went to a movie and out to eat at the Bistro where we both enjoyed a great steak dinner. We celebrated early as we had a free babysitter this past Saturday otherwise known as Grandma!
The kids woke up to find presents on Valentine's Day but were not as excited as usual since they have been sick the past few days.
I found Joe and the kids on the couch when I woke up... they were not sleeping well so they ended up on the couch and Dad turned on movies for them. You can see that Tommy has a pacifier.... we had mailed all of his pacifiers away to his cousin Peter a month ago but we "found" one last night for Tommy to use while he is sick.
Joe took Tommy down to a lung specialist yesterday afternoon. Whenever Tommy gets sick he gets a croup cough so the doctor in Garrison wanted him to get checked out and see what is going on... he cannot get tested for asthma until he is 5. However, we did find out that his oxygen level was low so he will have to take nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day every time he is sick. He did such a good job taking his treatment last night!

Joe brought home a dozen roses for me from Bismarck, chinese take out for dinner, and a foot bath that the kids thoroughly enjoyed. I gave him some new snow pants, work pants and a canvas picture of the two of us. We also had cards that we had planned on exchanging after the kids went to bed but it was late by the time they were sleeping so we will open up our cards today. I am excited to open the card when Joe gets home from work as Joe says there is another surprise present in the card!

It may not have been a romantic Valentine's Day but we spent it together as a family and hopefully, we will start feeling better soon!


  1. Lora - so sorry to hear that you all have been sick. Hoping you get better soon....just wanted to let you know that Hayden was diagnosed with asthma this past summer at age 3 after 3 boughts of pneumonia.. He sees Dr. Kantak at Sanford in Fargo and I think he is the only pediatric allergist in ND. He does nebulizer treatments 2 times every day and more when he is sick as well as allergy medication as some allergies go hand in hand with asthma. His doctor wants him to do the breathing treatments every day to be proactive. Just wanted to let you know that so that you can see if there is more than can be done. It is never fun to deal with sick kiddos! Having Hayden diagnosed helped us to know what we were dealing with.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Betsy about Hayden... I was not very happy with the doctor we met with in Bismarck and would like to get a second opinion so it is nice to know where we can turn..... I will try and make an appointment with your doctor in Fargo. Also, I would love to see you sometime now that we are back in ND!! I will let you know if we are ever in Fargo!!

  3. I didn't have a romantic Valentine's Day that year, either...I had a stomach virus! I was up all night puking nonstop from about 11:55 the night of the 13th until around 5 AM on Valentine's Day. Being sick is no fun!